AR/VR Masterminds - September 11, 2021

Welcome back to the 2021 school year! We're excited to kick off the new year by sharing some new tools we had the opportunity to play with over the summer.

Gather.Town Updates

Here are some of our favorite updates that work wonders for education. Check out their official Changelog page for more information.

  • New Objects and Themes: Nautical & Cyberpunk
  • New Character Picker! Customizing your avatar
  • Password Protecting Doors (escape rooms, anyone?)
  • FrameVR in EDU

    The folxs over at FrameVR are doing some amazing things. I think one of the coolest updates is the ability to upload your own envrionment. FrameVR accepts .glb models and will create a navigation mesh auto-magically, meaning walls are walls, and floors are walkable. As far as projects are concerned, this is a really cool update. Tinkercad is free to use and you can export your creations as a .glb file. Students could build cities, towns, statues, whatever their mind comes up with! Learn more about their updates here.

    FrameVR Down Under

    Check out the amazing things primary students are doing with FrameVR at the Knox Preparatory Sydney Australia